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Yeah, I certainly wouldn't want to wear something that's going to get all hairy like that. Maybe use another skein and knit a large swatch, then somehow duplicate "wearing." Like carry it around in your purse for a week or so where it'll get bumped and knocked around a lot, just to see how it holds up. That should be pretty telling.

I'm only starting my fourth repeat out of nine of my prayer shawl now. I may only do eight since my MIL is rather short, and it looks like nine repeats may be too big for her. That will save me some time, but I'm still feeling a little stressed about getting it done on time. Eeeeek! Why do I do this to myself?

My son starts school on Monday (10th grade), and I'm potty training my other son, trying to work full time, and I have RA. I don't have time for much knitting at all, much less under a serious time crunch. lol
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