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My first knitting class, was 3 classes. We did knit and purl,the first week, the next week we did increase decrease and were told to do 3 stitches and increase every row till like i dont know 30 rows up and then decrease, What it was was a square when done that started out traingular. So anyway I did a size 50 needle, what a joke and used parrot yarn and just did the increase, and stopped, It made a beautiful traingle shawl. Then I went shawl nuts. So you can do a simple 3 stitch increase every row at the beginning and do whatever suits your style and fancy for yarns and stitches. Very easy, if I could do it on my second class you can do it now too. You can vary needle size and add beads or fringes and make them all one of a kind unique then.
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