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Originally Posted by Wyospinner View Post
Hello from Wyoming. I would like to be added to the Blueberry Bliss if you are still needing a knitter. I see I need to pay better attention if I want to get in on the action. Happy Knitting- Kay

Yay! You found us!!! I'm so happy cause I was worried about you!

I've added you as the last knitter on the Blueberry Bliss blanket. Here's the updated list for that blanket:

Blueberry Bliss - Preemie
grannydani (rav)
knittinmitchie (border)

Keep in mind that Blueberry Bliss hasn't been cast on yet. jhelanee is going to wait until after the Olympics since she's involved in a project.

I'll add you to another blanket, in the meantime, so you'll have something to work on a bit sooner.
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