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I haven't learned socks yet either. It is something I would like to learn someday so it's on the before I die list anyway LOL.

I was planning to start on the Yoda sweater and then for some reason I went and started on a totally different sweater. Oh I know why, because I was too lazy to go buy the yarn for my yoda sweater and I had the other yarn and needle size. Problem with this one is I have not knit something with such tiny needles in forever, if ever even. Sz 2. It is so much work for what seems like so little progress. I knit for an hour straight last night and have pretty much spent all my free time today knitting and have all of 4 cm (71 stitches cast on for the sweater back). The back is supposed to be 26 cm. Now that is for the smallest sz they have listed, 3mos. So if it is just taking forever I guess I can shorten it somehow so it is newborn sz. I do think it will look cute. It is baby blue and is made of all M stitch (all k,p,k,p so it looks like a bunch of little bumps). I'll keep ya posted and if you are out and about in Wa and see someone crying over a baby blue sweater it's probably me.
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