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I finished that blanket
I am seaming it together
id like some advice
my cousin's wife is due in December with her first child and does not want to know what she s having, so the baby blanket that she has commisioned for me to make will be in mint green and light yellow stripes (made in strips, to be sewn together later). I want to do an original pattern for the blanket, and since babies love texture, I want to do different stitch types for the different color strip(e)s.(two different types of stitches for the two different colors of strips). Purl ridges and moss stitch or seed stitch and moss stitch were my ideas for the blanket. (one for one color and one for the other color). I want to do the strips in about the same width that the strips were in the blanket that I am seaming right now (about 5-5 and a half inches wide, so about 27-29 stitches to cast on for any strip). I want to do it green, yellow, green, yellow, green, yellow ( I want to make six strips) as the order of placement for the strips when I seam it together. I want to do a border for the blanket but im not sure if it is necesary. If I do a border, I thiought about doing a scalloped eyelet edging or a basic lace trim (enough to go around all four sides) in green. I want the finished dimensions to be somewhat like that of the Heirloom Knit Baby blanket (the blanket that I am seaming together right now).

(note to all members reading this- all of the stitch type patterns are on lion brand's website under the FAQ in stitchfinder).
my name on Ravelry is Eowyn1

otn- a beautiful turquoise blanket in moss stitch (for previously mentioned cousin's coming second child, due late july 2012)
FO- a few hats in the round(just taught myself to join without twisting)
to try next- an entrelac blanket with yarn someone gave my mom
something else fun- making a blanket in the round
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