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Hello Rea:
>>I would love to learn to make socks the only thing that confuses me is the flippin heel part.>>
Well I have to confess, I wanted to learn how to make socks and ordered my sock yarn. Bought the needles and read all kind's of tutorials on the web. The one that I liked best is socks 101.
I too was very confused about the heel turn and went to a lys here and asked a question, but the person told me that I had to take a class there to find out what I wanted to know. Well anyway I showed the person my work and was told that it was going as expected and left it at that. I went home more confused than ever.
The heel turn is easy when you realize that you follow the dir for the amt of sts (1/2) on one needle, then when you have reached the 2 1/2 in or such then you start the decreases to make the underside of the heel. It will usually say something like, Row 1: sl 1, k21, ssk, turn., Row 2: sl 1, p9, ptog, turn.,Row 3: sl 1, k9,ssk,turn., repeating rows 2 & 3 until you have 11 sts remainging. This is where you then pick up the side sts and join to the gusset. Once you understand the turning of the heel, it's a piece of cake and fun/challenging.
At present I am on my 9th pr for sister that wants tabi socks. DH wears his and even washes them after, won't let me touch them now. He is so proud of them. All the other family members loved the ones I made for them.
You can contact me if you ever want to get started and I will do my very best to help. I have seen pic's of so very many beautiful socks here and other web pages, well it makes a gal
Sorry for being so long winded
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