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help needed with baby sweater please
Appreciate the help. ladies. The pattern is here:
Work 17 sts for front, pm, work 8 sts for sleeve, pm, work 22 sts for back, pm, work 8 sts for sleeve, pm, work last 17 sts for front
If there are 17 sts for the sides, and
5 sts for the border, that leaves 12sts for the body of the sides right? Therefore, if I want two cables (one running down each side) i would {K5(for border), K1, P2, K6, P2, K1} for each side, right?
And then I would make sure to put a cable in the middle of the sleeve on the sides right?
So, 42 (end sts on row 9) divided by 2 is 21, and 21 minus 4 is if i am starting with 46 sts, i would knit 19 sts on either side?and then decrease carefully!lol

Thanks in advance for all the help....and rest assured we all know how much you guys love to help!

Last edited by KatyKoolkat : 08-16-2008 at 02:00 AM. Reason: forgot to add the cable pattern i am using is p2 k6 p2 with every sixth row cabled C6F instead of K6
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