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I'm *assuming* that the K6 in {K5(for border), K1, P2, K6, P2, K1} is where you want the cables... if so, it sounds right to me, but we might need a resident expert to check that.... I'm wondering, though, if this might mess up the ribbing?

About the sleeves: Later in the pattern, it looks like you'll have 48 stitches total for the sleeves, not 42, because you'll be picking up stitches later. If you want to add a cable, center it on the *middle 18* stitches. (which might be the same as regardless of pick up stitches) (I think... again, experts..?)

You didn't ask my opinion, so you can (nicely) tell me to go stuff it , however, I, personally, am not sure how cables would look with that stitch pattern, since it isn't straight st st. You could change it to st st (you wouldn't have those horizontal bumps in the sweater) without a problem. Or you could just add baby cables (left or right twist) to the ribbing. Or you can tell me to stuff it
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