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Originally Posted by mwhite View Post
Well, when you take off the extra, 4th plain knit, that cuts down the extended pattern considerably. With the removal of the 4th round, even the extended pattern(to round 147) is cut down to 127 rounds. And when you're doing the 12 repeats, it adds to the radius alot quicker so it will really depend on how it looks as I progress. The 127th round has...dare I say it outloud??? 1,188 sts. Now, that huge amount of stitches may make it flouncy and I just want it to lay flat so it can be blocked. The Old Shale Tablecloth has "Feather and Fan" patterning and I've been comparing, as I progress, with that. I'm just now starting to exceed the stitch counts on the Shale pattern. I may have to change course, mimick the Shale pattern and end up with 24 points/scallops. And my intention in the long run is to have a nice tablecloth pattern. SOOOOO, I've ordered a set of 60" circulars. I'll use them on other projects so not wasted just on this piece.
Hi everyone, Hi Mary

I'm seriously thinking of doing this project. The hemlock is stunning, and although I do have a couple other projects on the go, and ready for the needles, one can't have too many (I always say)

Now, a couple questions...

As per Mary's suggestions, I'm going to start this with 12 sts.
(can you advise what you mean when you stated 'only doing 3 rows instead of 4..... what rows are these on (at least the first couple, then I'll probably find them on my own)

Also, what is the best type of yarn to use to knit this up, and how much does it take? Also, what size needles did most people use?

Thanks for any answers! I really appreciate it!
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