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1) What is your favorite yarn?: I love the Noro's but want to try Malabrigo one day.

2) What is your favorite thing to knit? Anything. Probably socks. I love making them. I want to try sweaters and afghans with cables. I love cables.

3) Who is your favorite designer? Don't have one yet, but I know I will one day.

4) Which knitting magazine is your favorite? Don't know that yet either. I don't know which ones are geared for beginner/intermediate knitters.

5) Are you a Raveler yet? Yes.

6) How many years have you been knitting? It's only been months. So...about 9?

7) Do you crochet as well? I wish. You should see what it looks like.

8) Do you live in the Puget Sound area? East of the mts? The Coast? Southern?

I live in Western Washington, just a short hop from Puyallup. My sons go to school in Ellensburg (go wildcats!) and WSU/Pullman (Go cougs!)

9) What are your prime knitting hours? In the car, waiting for kids to get done with track practice. Otherwise it's a few minutes in the morning if I don't have to rush out the door.

10) What is your favorite knitting 'how to/help" book?

I don't have one yet. If I get stuck I come here.
OTN: Not a thing. I'm supposed to be studying.....

future plans: Afghan, baby blanket and a cabled...something ;hats and mittens to follow for kids.

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