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>>I have been knitting years but haven't tried socks yet etither. You can do it, once you decide to learn it you could take a class or check out some on-line tutorials and Grami wants to teach us right?>>

Oh, come on try the socks....nothing like seeing things happen in the round. I learned from online tutorials and it was fun, plus challenging.
Yes, I will be glad to help all that I can when your ready to make socks.

>> So I know we could do it if we put our mind to it. For right now I am happy that I have started back up knitting at all so I am fine tuning the skills I have before I get more. LOL>>

Yes, you can do it.....but fine tuning never hurts. I did that with dog sweater's that Gabi won't wear, Christmas stocking's GD's loved, 2 needle slipper's, then a hat in the rd and finally DH socks that he love's.
For pete's sake he won't let me touch them now.

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