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I just saw this thread. Another Washintonian here.
1. My favorite yarn so far is a camel hair/lambswool blend made by Bernat about 30 years ago. ( I have some elderly stash.)
2. My favorite thing to knit is socks. I made 16 pair this year and am currently working on learning entrelac socks. It's not that bad, just very tedious.
3. Don't have a favorite designer. Most of my patterns dated back to when I acquired most of my stash, 30 years ago. I'm just this year surfing the net and adding tons of new patterns to my inventory.
4. I haven't read any knitting magazines in years, but I like a lot of the patterns I see on line from Interweave Press.
5. I am on Ravelry, I'm Plantgoddess there. I use it mainly for pattern ideas and yarn substitutions. It's an amazing site for reference.
6. I've been knitting over 30 years off and on. Since joining KH it has become a passion and I've knit more than I ever have. It used to be a strictly winter activity if I had nothing else to do, now most things have to fit in around my knitting.
7. I started out as a crocheter. I learned as a teenager and it was popular back then for hip clothing. I still have patterns from back them. I'm a lefty and crocheted left-handed which made it easy for me to teach myself to knit english and now rarely crochet except for doilies and tablecloths.
8. I live in eastern Wa. I'm about 20 miles north of Spokane in the foothills.
9. This time of year, I knit mainly in the evening after all my outdoor work is done. In the winter it could be anytime and sometimes is all day.
10. My favorite knitting book is The Sweater Workshop by Jacqueline Fee. It has helped me to get sweaters to fit better and I much prefer making my sweaters all in one piece. I dislike seaming and I love that when I bind off I am almost done except for working in ends and 2 little seams under the arms.
Isn't living in Wa. a great place to be? I grew up a Navy brat and this is my favorite place of all the places I've lived.
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