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Well after a week and a half I finally finished the back of the baby jacket. The problem is I made a major mistake and am so upset with myself. I was having trouble with the yard suddenly breaking. Did I rip it back? Of course not, I just tied it off mid row. This happened several times. Some sort of trouble with the yarn. Anyway I have 4 knots in it so do I weave the ends through to make sure they are secure? of course not, since I didn't have a needle tiny enough to weave them through I just figured I'd tie them several times and then cut off the extra I'm sure they will be fine right? Of course not. So I already noticed one coming undone and had to save it and get it tied back up. I am so mad at myself. I am also torn, do I finish it and when I give it to her just warn her it is fragile and hand wash it or do I just scrap all that work? I am not willing to do it again, I'm just too upset about it. If I don't give it to her then I just won't finish it and will move onto a different project but I am just so POd. What do you think I should do?

Finish it and figure, hey it's homemade and not meant to be perfect

move onto something different and figure it a lesson learned
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