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Volenteering is a great idea...we already do that though. We do Girl Guides together (in fact, that is how we met in the first place)

Taking her to the doctor doesn't seem to be an option, at least not now...her mom is a nurse, and she works with her in a hospital. When I suggested it once she just said "I work with doctors and therapists all the time"

I know what you mean about some ppl not wanting to be me, I worked side by side with one of those people for 8 years! Wow what a trip that was...she was a hypocondriac and was only happiest when she was bitching about something...once one was resolved, there was something new!

But the friend in question...*sigh* just stubborn. It really is the "You can't see the forest for the trees" type thing. She knows she is unhappy, but I have seen her fly off the handle at her close friends so many times in the last few days. She is obviously hurting....and I guess if you are going to lash out at anyone, best to do it with your friends..cause at least they are going to take it. It is just that it is over little petty she was playing a game with someone the other day and things were not going her way so it became a "well if that is the way it is going to be, I may as well quit" type thing...she is 25 years old...!

Anyway...enough of that...I am just scared and concerned for her and feel a little helpless about it. Everyone that has been experiencing her around me has said that she is hurting, and ultimately she needs to find her happy place herself. Nothing we say or do will turn that around for her...she has to believe in herself!

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