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Knitting round-to-flat?
Hi guys!

Presently I'm working on a miniature, doll-sized sweater to practice expanding my range away from "things shaped like a rectangle" and into real knitting. Because of the size, I've been using four double-sided needles (size 4) rather than circular needles, which I'm more comfortable with. This all worked out fine with the body of the piece, but while working on the first sleeve, I came across this instruction:

Row 23: Turn work, begin working in straight stockinette. After 3-4 rows, you should be able to transfer all sts to one needle to make straight knitting easier.

Also, before this line the directions referred to "rounds", and after this line it switches to "rows".

I'm not entirely sure how this should work, exactly. It's a circular piece -- how does it suddenly become noncircular? Am I somehow supposed to flatten the piece? I tried just knitting my circle all on one needle, but the sleeve-in-progress isn't nearly stretchable enough to handle that. Am I supposed to divide the stitches in half and work on the front and back of the sleeve separately? Is there some technique that's crazily basic that I'm just not seeing?

Thanks for reading through this!
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