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LOL, I'm excited that I found this! I'm joining! Maybe you all can keep my nose to the needles? lol

so far here are the plans:

4-8 sets of the following: bath mitt, tribble, dishcloth

BF: Black hat with red horde symbol, draw string bag
bf's sisters fiance: Black hat with whit skull and crossbones, draw string bag
Bf's sister: one of the bath sets and a draw string bag
Lil Bro: and/ or a hat
Mom: bath set, ??
bf's mom: bath set
bf's dad: (maybe)
dad: ??
gma: bath set

and who all knows what else! lol, I guess i might be overly ambitious!
OTN- Dog sweater, tribbles, rags, Plans: cowl for mom, hat for bf/friends/dad, rags and towels for bf's mom...

Finished: Arm warmers, dice bag, Hat for brother, two washrags, two tribbles

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