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Spec. Olympics: World Winter Games Scarves (Red Heart)
Hello, everyone:
I am not sure if this campaign has been posted already, if it has please remove the thread.

For knitters (and crocheters) who like to use Red Heart, the Special Olympics World Winter Games have started their scarf project for the 2009 games. Their main guideline requests are that the scarves be 4.5" x 50" in size and that they be made with Delft Blue and White from Red Hearts Super Saver Yarn Collection to ensure consistency and work back to the games logo; however, patterns are unlimited as long as they stay within the color and size framing stated.

More information/details can be found at these two web sites:

Also on the Coats and Clark web site two (crochet and knit) patterns are given for people to work with if needed.

For all those who participate, happy knitting.
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