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Although I don't live in London, I do think the congestion charge is a good idea and wish they'd implement it in other cities. I know we pay a lot of road tax and so on, but when you're driving in places as snarled up as London, and everyone's in their own cars, it can take two hours to drive a 20 mile journey. It's not good for the area, for the cars, for anyone's wallets, and particularly with the hikes in petrol prices, people are going to have to start getting public transport a lot more anyway.

The one issue I have with it, that's true of all our cities, is this - if they want us to use public transport more, it has to be reliable. People have to be sure they're going to get to work on time if they're going to leave their cars at home, and at the moment, that's just not true. So I support the congestion charge if it's used to pay for upgrades in public transport, but if it's just another money-making scheme for the city, not so much.
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