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Cloak Sewing Pattern
Im looking for a very quick and easy to make sewing pattern for a hooded cloak that will close at the front.

I have an event to go to next friday in which i will be outdoors most of the time and i am worried that it might rain. It is an in-character event (LARP, think of a cross between dungeons & dragons and medieval re-enactment) and my character, being non-human, requires a lot of face paint, so it needs a roomy hood to accomodate the ears (don't ask) and to make sure my make-up doesn't get rain streaks!

In the past i have made full length robes, and a full circle hooded cloak, but i don't have enough fabric (or the time) to be doing that this time.

Does any body have any patterns then for a hooded claok that can be put together in the space of one or two evenings?


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