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Ohhh sounds so yummy! I am gonna run over to the yarndex and webs and see if I can find your color!

Ok, I'm back! I had a hard time finding your color #14 (20014). But I think I finally found it. Is your yarn a light silvery grey with the blue flecks? If so, it is gorgeous! Can you right-click the Ebay yarn photo, save it to your computer...then upload it to your Flickr or Photobucket...and paste it here in the CPH thread? I'm dying to see it.

The Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed is a wonderful yarn in all the colors that I've seen! Good for you!

And holy got 26 skeins for $88???? WOW!!! That is $3.38 per skein! And it's also 2,834 yards!
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