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Originally Posted by dustinac View Post
YAY!! A mitten KAL... I did finish the WVU mittens so now I'm working on Roo's mittens. ..Here is the first one the pattern is Rosie Mittens found here
GORGEOUS! You're braver than I am.
Originally Posted by MAmaDawn View Post
I've never made mittens before... but I wanted to make these... do they count? I love knitted ornaments on my tree...
Go for it! I bet that when you finish those tiny mittens, you'll be ready to make some full-size ones as well.
Originally Posted by farmgirl View Post
Count me in, too! We have Hope House here. It's a home for unwed mothers who are going to school and/or trying to get their life together. We have donated toys to them in the past and I'm sure they would appreciate mittens. Thanks for the wonderful idea!
Excellent plan!
Originally Posted by auntcrafty View Post
Ooo -- I like those! If these count, I'm in, too! I can add those to my Christmas projects list.
Go for it!
Originally Posted by Karina View Post
Dustina I have seen a few free patterns like the one you have done that I am tempted to try but I just don't understand how the thumb is done. it say something about using a scrap bit of yarn and knitting nine stitches with it then put the nine stitches back on the left needle and carry on knitting the hand bit of the glove. I think that is how it was described but I just don't understand it. ......
I think you should try to make ONE mitten, with us helping along the way. I bet you'll figure it out for sure. And as Ingrid says, "Trust the pattern". I think that when you see all the stitches in your hands, the pattern instructions will make more sense. I know it was that way for me when I made a Christening Gown and when I made the helmetliner for a soldier:
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