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Originally Posted by Karina View Post
I just had a though as I was surfing looking for mittens. when you knit the nine stitches with scrap yarn and then carry on knitting the mitten as normal, will you remove the scrap yarn and then reveal a hole with 18 live stitches and knit the thumb from that. Did I have a brain wave or am I still not getting it.
I'm not sure if it's the same as your pattern, but I made mittens before, and left some stitches on a tiny stitch holder while I continued making the hand part of the mitten. When the hand part was complete, the stitches on the stitch holder were then used to make the thumb. I think they are telling you to put your stitches on scrap yarn, because it makes it easier to hold when you're knitting the rest of the mitten.

Here are the mittens I made a few years ago:
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