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Originally Posted by nicolejc83 View Post
I just posted about this on the Charity board but I thought I could repost it here considering what this months KAL is. So Here goes

Head Start Kids
Hi All
My dd goes to school at PlayNLearn Head Start with about 100 other children. This pre-school program is offered to lower income families as a means to jump start their education. Being located in Fairbanks, Alaska poses unique challenges to the school. Children must be kept warm while playing outside in weather that often includes snow and temps reaching down to neg 20 degrees F. Many of the children come to school without the proper clothing for playing outside. I am currently working on hats, scarves and mittens to donate. I am blessed to have a MIL who understands the mission and she gives me quite a bit of advice and stash money to keep it going. I was hoping some of you guys might be interested in helping. I would like every child to have a hat and mitten set to take home with them. if your interested let me know and I can post more info.

what a wonderful idea, i wish i had more time, i'm doing sooo much charity stuff now i dont get time to knit for ds or dp anymore. what a great thing though. i started knitting when i was a single parent because i couldnt afford to buy clothes for ds. my gran died and left yarn etc so i had ago. i know there will be a lot of esp single mom's out there that will be very very appricative of eveything you are doing
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