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Awesome idea! I'm just curious about children who live in Alaska and have no mittens or hats? I'm not knocking anything but that seems odd to me.

Many people in alaska live below or so near the poverty line that they cannot afford the basics for their kids. What they do instead is buy them the best jacket possible and tell them to keep their hands in their pockets and hoods on. That is not sufficient protection from the elements in my hometown. Temps can reach as low as 75 degrees BELOW zero, not freezing, yes zero. And that is all before figuring in wind chill.
A hood on a jacket does not properly protect the ears and have you ever tried to get a three year old to keep her hands in her pockets, not happening.
The cost of living here is so extreme at times that people are forced to think in terms of "heat or eat", a popular phrase in the area refering to the possibility that you may only be able to afford to heat your house or buy food, not both.
hats for brother and sis-i-l

Two Pair of mittens, scarf for ds, sock for stepmum

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