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Originally Posted by RuthieinMaryland View Post
Hi, Shandeh!
I wanted particularly to write and thank you for your comments above. It really gave me a boost!
........I'd just started my third pair of socks when I read your post and decided to really watch "each stitch form, with careful attention.".................
The results have been amazing! ..........having paid attention to how the stitches were forming it was possible for me to get an accurate count of rows..................And I've enjoyed the process so much, being mindful of the peace and serenity that comes with noticing all the little details and enjoying them.
But I don't think I'll ever get caught up in the "speed trap" again. Thanks for sharing that wonderful bit of wisdom!
I'm glad I could help!
Enjoy your knitting, my friend.

Originally Posted by cacunn View Post
If they are in a hurry they can go to Wal-Mart, If they want a hand made custom item of knit wear they can wait.

Back when I first started knitting, my mother asked me to make her a furry scarf. So I did. She wore it to church, and all of a sudden, I had about a HUNDRED orders for furry scarves!

I very quickly lost the love of furry scarves. And I felt like I was working in a knitting factory. It was a drag. I hated every minute of it.

Someone would say, "I want a pink furry scarf with white edges" or "I want a black scarf with purple fringe, and a hat to match". I was beginning to HATE knitting.

So, I told my mother I was "no longer taking any orders". She didn't understand why I didn't want to make money with my knitting. I said, "I'm not knitting to make money. I'm knitting for the FUN of it."

Now, I LOVE knitting again, and I knit whatever I want!!
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