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Oddball Pet Snuggles - Cotton or Acrylic Yarn
Hello pet lovers!
It's time for us to start a new Oddball Project!

I've decided to make something different this time - PET blankets!

Our blankets will be donated to the Snuggles Project, as a comfort to pets in an animal shelter.

We will be making two different kinds of snuggles. Some of the snuggles will be made with cotton yarn, and the others will be made with acrylic yarn. That way, we'll be able to use ALL of our leftover stash for snuggles!

The cotton snuggles will be made using 2 strands of worsted weight COTTON yarn. (This is a perfect way to use up some of your Peaches & Creme, Sugar 'n Cream, Cottontots, or other soft cotton yarn.)

The acrylic snuggles will be made with 2 strands of worsted weight acrylic yarn.

Our Oddball Pet Snuggles will measure 24 x 25 inches, so they can be used for cats or dogs. The first knitter will cast on 72 stitches (with US size 10 or 11 needles), knit for 5 inches, and will need 4 more knitters to make each snuggle complete. We will each knit 5 additional inches, in garter stitch.
(See additional knitting pattern ideas on the Snuggles website here.)

Since the blankets will be given to an animal shelter, there is no need to worry about pet hair getting on our knitting! We'll just have the last knitter donate each blanket to an animal shelter in their area.

(The last knitter will need to bind off the stitches, weave in all the loose ends of yarn, and wash the blanket before donating it.)

As with all our Oddball projects, the blankets will be kept on the same knitting needles throughout their creation. So, all you'll have to do is add your yarn and start knitting. When you finish your 5 inches of knitting, just put the blanket in a package, and mail it to the next knitter. Feel free to include a small gift to the next knitter (or their pet!), but please don't feel obligated to do this.

If you would like to join our Oddball Pet Snuggles project, just send a private message to Sakura-Panda. (Click on that link, scroll down the page, then select "send a private message to sakura-panda")

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