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Well maybe her pattern writting skills have improved..

(but i think of EZ and Maggie Reghetti as i look at the photo..

Bliss is famous for photo's of people scrunched in to some contorted shape (or here twisted into half lying down)

Why? cause her sweaters/patterns don't quite fit...

Knitters struggle to follow the directions, (no schematic drawing to help) and then try to sew up the lumpy shapes they have tried to block to shape, and find they have a sweater that only looks good when you lounge, half twisted, on a couch! (which is why it was photgraphed that way to begin with.)

Not a big fan of bliss, not her designs, NOT HER DIRECTIONS!, not her yarn (and there is a now a law suit started) or the finished results.

it's yarn porn.. Looks lovely, (and so do playboy models to men) but the result is divorced from reality.

Bliss designs nice stuff for kids (and photographs them in the plainest way) --they are all to big, (sure kids grow, but when there is 8 inches of ease.. no kid is going to grow 8 inches!) but they do work.. (in a way)

her stuff for adults, is an exersize in futility..
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