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What's the trick?
I just taught myself to knit Continental. I did 2 washcloths in a basketweave pattern to practice. I made no mistakes at all on those 2 washcloths.

So now I'm doing some leg warmers for my DD in the round on 2 circs. If I knit English, I maintain my stitch count of 24 stitches on each needle. If I switch to Continental, I end up with 25 stitches on each needle. I've watched very carefully and gone very slowly to make sure I'm actually slipping all my stitches off the needle. First needle, 24 stitches. Second needle, 25. What the heck?! It happens over and over and over again, so I'm wondering if there is something to knitting continental in the round on 2 circs that I don't know about?
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