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Originally Posted by Shandeh View Post
All righty then!
Since we might be sending treats for each other's pets, let's each take time to respond the following:

1) What are the names and types of pets you have?
2) Do they have any requests for a small treat?
3) Show us a photo of your pets!
4) Tell us a story about your pet.
I'll be the first I guess!
1) My cats names are Mulder and Itchy. Mulder is 12 yrs old and Itchy is 3 yrs old.
2) Mulder is diabetic, so can't have any treats really, and itchy just plays with them. But they both LOVE catnip and catnip toys! Itchy loves it so much it has to get taken away or he gets too "high"!
3)Mulder napping with his eyes half open

Itchy at 3 weeks old

Itchy more recently

4)Mulder is the resident cat, Itchy was found in our lilac bush at 3 weeks old and adopted by us. He is still quite a wild thing, chases dirt and dust at top speed, and only likes to cuddle on his terms. He is the only cat I know that likes to snuggle under the covers with me. Mulder could care less about Itchy, and outweighs him by 6 or more pounds. Watching them fight is like watching a sumo wrestler swat a fly.
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