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Grafting the Toe
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What Sue says is right, but here is more detail if you need it.

You are shooting for a shape like they show you for the left front in the schematic. It is a pretty complex piece with some waist shaping and all. You have several directions that overlap. That first part
Inc 1 st at beg of next row, k to end -61 sts. Continue to inc 1 sts at side edge every .75" 4 times more.
was begun when you had the piece to 8 1/2 inches. So adding an increase at the beginning of each right side row every 3/4 inches will make them go at as close to 9 1/4", 10", 10 3/4", and 11 1/2" as you can get and have them at the beginning of rows.

Then it says,
AT THE SAME TIME, when piece measures 9.5" from beg, end on RS, then shape neck as follows:
so soon after you have the increase along the side that fell at 9 1/4" (and still have 3 more of those to go) you will begin to shape the neck as it is given next. That will be when you get to 9 1/2 inches. Be sure this is at the beginning of a wrong side row. BO 3 and purl to the end.

Then it reminds you again not to forget the first thing they told you about the increases along the side edge that we talked about above.
Continuing to work incs at side edge,
That's what that is about.

bind off 2 sts at neck edge every WS row twice, dec 1st at end neck edge EVERY row 3 times, every RS row 17 times, then every other RS row 8 times.
Then it gives that. This is to get the shaping for the scooped part of the neck you see in the schematic. Because it says to BO at the neck edge only on the wrong side, after you work the BO 3 you did, knit back across and at the beginning of the next purl row do the BO 2. Do that one more time.

Then it has
dec 1st at end neck edge EVERY row 3 times
They have been shaping severely by doing all those bind offs and they want to decrease a little less severely, but still EVERY row at first. So you did the BOs on a purl row so the next three rows you decrease at the neck side coming and going. So they will be on a knit row, a purl row and then a knit row. Then the shaping gets more gentle so you decrease every right side row (so that will be every other row) 17 times. Then you spread them out further to
then every other RS row 8 times
. That would be every 4th row.

Don't forget while you are doing all that new stuff to add the increases along the other side at the measured off spacing.

Then they throw this in:
AT THE SAME TIME, when piece measures 12.5" from beg (before all neck decs have been completed), shape armhole same as back while continuing to work neck decs.
You can tell by looking at the schematic drawing that way before you finish all the instructions for the front shaping and soon after you have finished the increases along the side you will begin the armhole shaping. They just tell you to do it like you did the back armhole.

So you have increases going along the side to just before the armhole shaping starts, then the armhole shaping on that side, and the front shaping on the other side all going, but you can do it. Keep the picture of the schematic in front of you and write the points for the increases there. I don't think it will be so hard once you get the picture of what you are trying to accomplish in mind.
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