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My boys!
We have three wonderful kitties: Mikey, Spike, and Luke.

Mikey (buff & white) will be 18 next week. I've had him since he was three months old! He is a love. Not a lap cat but will come up and tap your leg when he wants attention. He is not well right now, but we are managing as best we can

Spikey (in my ravatar) will be 9 in November. He is our lap cat, sleeps with us, and can't get enough of us. For an unknown reason, he went into acute renal failure when he was 4 or 5 years old. We are very fortunate that the acute episode resolved, but his kidneys still do not function properly and we treasure every day that we have with him.

Luke (gray and white) is our newest baby. He was a feral cat that we started feeding around our house for about 6 months, and we finally caught him in June. The vet thinks he is about a year and a half old. We live in a very wooded area and he has some scratches on his ears and nose, from fighting with other animals, so we are especially glad to have him safe and sound as an indoor cat now. He has transitioned amazingly well, loves to be petted and brushed, and has even taken to becoming Mikey's protector, trying to chase me away when Mikey needs his medicine.
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