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Horrible neighbor update-Long - And this time I wasn't even there!
Okay, so do you all remember my little neighbor drama back at the end of May? Where her stupid whining bratty kid wouldn't shut up after 20 minutes of screamy whining? And we've been putting up with them constantly bothering us for the last 4 years? Then I lost my temper and told her to shut her kid up and we haven't spoken since.

It's been heavenly! I'm serious people, not a peep out of those morons. The kids, well, yes. They still annoy us, but since we don't acknowledge them they don't do it as much as they used to.

So here's what happened last night. DH and I had one of the worst days of our lives. He found out he has to find another job and I'm beyond stressed about money (he's not fired, he just can't stay there any longer than necessary) plus I got my period too (sorry boys!) so I had cramps and a terrible headache, you name it, it probably happened yesterday. So DH comes home, eats dinner, takes the pup for her evening walk and I'm laying in bed watching tv. The living room window was open (thank God) and all of a sudden I hear this screaming and yelling in the front yard.

Profanity is being spewn forth like you wouldn't believe and I'm thinking, WTH is going on out there, so then I hear my husband start yelling at yes, our neighbor. The dumbest woman alive. So I jump from the bed, spilling my Ritz crackers all over the floor, and run to the window and I see her and my husband just yelling at each other. I was in complete shock. So I scream out the window for my DH to get in the house and for her to go home. Of course to no avail. Then I see my poor dog just confused as heck so I run outside to get her and try and stop my DH from yelling at her and vice versa. Again, to no avail. So I grab the dog and pull my DH as hard as I could and pulled him in the house.

Mind you, this was going on in OUR front yard. You see, as my husband was walking up the sidewalk he crossed the street to get to our house. Her stupid kids apparently were yelling 'Hello' at him again, to which he ignored them like we've been doing since the 'big' fallout. Then this stupid woman approaches my husband and tells him to stop ignoring her kids.

Yep, you read that right. She wants him to say hello every freakin' time they say hello to him. Mind you then he says, what?? (Just like you all just did ) So then he says no and that set her off and then she calls ME a bitch. I wasn't even out there and she calls me that to my DH's face!! Then she starts coming at him and screaming profanity at him (I'm talking F-bombs here people). So he returned the favor. Then she says "I hope to god you never have kids". That was the straw that broke the camels back.

I have mentioned in some of my past posts that we can't have kids on our own without medical intervention. So that sent him over the edge, at which time I ran outside and grabbed the dog and him. Then she says something beyond stupid about how we take such terrible care of our dog. Really?? Is that so?? Then why are we the only people within a 5 block radius that walks our dog twice a day?? If we're such terrible 'parents' then why do we have 3 dog beds in our house? Smell my furniture, it smells like dog. Because she uses the couch more than her dog beds!!

I couldn't believe how fast it escalated. She had to have been drunk to approach my husband, without her boyfriend at home mind you. He'd have killed her if he had been home if she had done that. That's how stupid she is. (her boyfriend not my DH)

So we get in the house and calm ourselves down when it dawns on me that I need to call the police. Because if she can do that to my husband who could break her in half in 2 seconds, there's no telling what she'll try with me if he's not around. So I called the police and they sent an officer over and he's like, 'What do you want me to do?' I said, "I don't know, can you do anything at all?" So he says that he'll go next door and tell her to leave us alone and stay away from us and we'll do the same. So he leaves and that's the end of my story. Can you believe this?? Can you imagine being so insane that you verbally attack your next door male neighbor about ignoring her kids? It just goes to show that my statement that I make at least once a day is true: People are stupid.

P.S: Please do not reply to this post and say that we need to cater to her stupid kids and that it's not their fault and blah blah blah, this is about her, not her kids. When your neighbor attacks you about something like this, it just reinforces our correct handling of the situation -- just ignore them.
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