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Magic Loop Problem

I'm a new member but not new to knitting. I've finally figured out magic loop (by watching a video clip on this site) and I'm making a pair of (practice) toddler socks from Melanie Morgan-Oakes' book on knitting two socks on one needle (I'm cheating and making one sock on one needle and the other sock on another needle because I'm not familiar with the technique). Anyway, I've made many hats in the round that started with ribbing. After the ribbing ended, I switched to knitting every row and got stockinette ON THE OUTSIDE of the hat, as one would expect. I've finished the ribbing on these socks and started the stockinette ... but I'm getting garter on the outside and stockinette in the inside. I can't figure out why. Should I just turn the socks inside out and proceed? Am I doing something wrong? The ribbing is fine and the technique is working out well. So, I'm stumped. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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