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thanks for the concern, Sandy. I can walk. As far as my follow up goes, I will probably schedule it for Monday afternoon, since I only have one class on Mondays and Fridays, and its at 8 am (my other days are two classes each and theres an online class that I am taking). My dad sent me a list of primary care doctors in the vicinity of my location as a pdf (since I had my testing done here, it would be easier if I saw a doc here). As I said, my test came back negative for a blood clot, but I did have elevated levels of creatinase, which is a found when muscle breaks down. So, we are probably back to the same diagnosis that we started with, strained calf muscle of unknown origin. Yes I did say unknown. I havent been exercising, so its not like I hurt myself from working out. If anything, this happened in my sleep, which makes it sound even worse
still, at least I can walk now (operative word being now...........operative being a funny word considering my next pre-op appointment is november 28th, with my next surgery being this december.....yay.....more fun )
In other news, my section of the blanket is almost done (I have 2 more rows to do). I will try to get a picture soon. ::D::
hugs to all (especially Kelly)
lizardknits (Elizabeth)
my name on Ravelry is Eowyn1

otn- a beautiful turquoise blanket in moss stitch (for previously mentioned cousin's coming second child, due late july 2012)
FO- a few hats in the round(just taught myself to join without twisting)
to try next- an entrelac blanket with yarn someone gave my mom
something else fun- making a blanket in the round
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