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Stupid, stupid flies!!!!!
I have sooo many flies in my house this year! I have tried everything I know of to get rid of them short of chemicals to no avail. I made my own traps with jars with about an inch of agave nectar in the bottom, but they got out. I used a fan near the doorway, they still got in. This past Saturday my DS looked like a lunatic swinging a broom around trying to swat them. I put up some fly tape for the windows and I have caught over 90 flies in it SINCE SATURDAY EVENING -its only Tuesday!!!!!!! And the real kicker is that there are still flies flying around my house. So I had the horrible disgusting thought that they must be breeding somewhere in my house. But everything is clean - the trash is taken out daily, cat litter box cleaned daily, lizard terrarium cleaned weekly. I still took the extra effort to clean, wash and sterilize everything I could think would attract the pests thoroughly. Where oh where are the coming from??? Does anyone have any ideas where else I should look to see if I do have some disgusting infestation from indoors? Does anyone know better remedies to get rid of them?? I have kids and pets so I want to avoid chemicals.

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