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I get it in the Pittsburgh area.. I actually left a comment on their website about the show. I think the experts they have are all wonderful, but they cram like 4-5 segments in the 20 minutes they have. First, they spend about 2-3 minutes explaining who is sponsoring the show.. Then, they explain what you'll see in the show (another minute or two). Then, they start with one host who introduces either the WEBS or Yarn Market rep (they're literally in EVERY show) and talks about what yarns would work for the day's topic. Then they move on to another host who shows you ANOTHER product-placed rep and a few neat looking designs. Then they spend about 3 minutes 'showing' you how to knit an entire skirt by knitting upside down(camera is facing their body, not behind them) and knitting all of one row. Then they move on to another host.. and then to the last host. Then they spend a few minutes wrapping up the show by explaining what you've seen and heard. Then they spend another couple of minutes thanking their sponsors and guests. It's very jumpy. There's no real time to teach any one method. They are so focused on getting 4 different views: knitting, crocheting, spinning/weaving, embellishing all in EVERY show, that they leave no time for the hosts to really explain any one technique adequately. Also, having the camera face them while the knit ends up showing as upside down and backward to the home viewer. This is really unhelpful to the newbie or adv. beginner knitter.

I miss Knitty Gritty. Ya, some of the designs were a bit out there. I mean, I would never knit a sushi TP cozy.. but the techniques were well taught and the knitting cam was well placed. They took you through a project start to finish. IT was more well rounded.

Okay, rant over.
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