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Crochet Oddball Blankets
if you are the first crocheter on an Oddball Baby Blanket, here is what you need to do.

Before you start, purchase some SOFT 100% acrylic yarn.
(List of recommended yarns for our project)

If your blanket is a Preemie Blanket, your yarn should be dk or sport weight, and will be chaining with size F/5 or G/ 6 Crochet hook and chain between 60 and 80 stitches.

If your blanket is a Regular Baby Blanket, yarn should be worsted weight, and will be cast on with size H/8 or I/ 9 Crochet hook and chain between 70 and 90 stitches.

With either blanket, you will need to single crochet every stitch for the first 2 rows to make a nice single crochet border. Then, you can use any design you want. Your crochet work in the first section should measure about 4 1/2 inches when you are finished.

The best designs for our blankets are the ones that are reversible, since our blankets will be used by children and babies. The best designs are the simpler ones such as V-stitches or something that is working in every stitch.

When you finish crocheting your section, do 1 row of all single crochet stitches on the wrong side, so the next crocheter will be able to add their own yarn, and the color change will look nice.
(New colors should always be started on the right side.)

Place the blanket in a zip lock bag with the appropriate Oddball Memo folded up inside the bag with the blanket. (See the attached documents with this post. There is an Oddball Baby Blanket Memo and an Oddball Preemie Blanket Memo.)

You can also include a simple greeting card, and sign your name and list the state you live in, leaving room for the rest of the knitters to do the same. If you include a card, choose one that is generic and happy.
We should not say "Get Well" in the card, because sometimes these children do not get well. Also, avoid any religious statements, because the children and families at the hospital have many different beliefs. I usually choose a colorful card that is blank inside, and write, "We Care about You" on the inside.
If you have scrapbooking skills, you can MAKE a greeting card!

If you choose to include any gifts for the next knitter, please avoid any food products. Our packages occasionally get lost in the mail. (One time a blanket was lost for 6 months before turning up again!)

When mailing the package, please get DELIVERY CONFIRMATION, so we can track the package online. We don't want to lose our precious knitting!

Thank you!

The children's hospital requires that all blankets be knit with SOFT, 100% acrylic yarn. (A small amount of nylon or polyester is okay.)
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