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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
You are the sweater queen! It's beautiful!

I wish I lived closer so I could take lessons! Do you have a dresser or closet just for handknit sweaters?
I have a 10x9 "room" for my handknits! The width of the closet has 3 floor to ceiling hanging sweater shelves, open in the front: they house my most frequently worn sweaters...and sweater 'dressers' (with clear drawer fronts) line the walls, along with a large table filled with my knitting library of books. A chair with an attached side table sits in the middle of the room. I use it when I'm mulching about in my books and pattern binders, hunting for inspiration!

Does this mean I'm a knitter yet?

I had to chuckle at a comment I heard SASHA KAGAN make! I met her on an Alaskan Knitter's Cruise back in 2004. She was one of our designers giving 20 hours of lessons featuring her colorwork techniques. She said her living/sitting/knitting/designing room is filled with balls and balls of yarn everywhere. She sits amidst hundreds of yarn balls, knitting and designing! I could so totally viusalize that!

I am far far far from even remotely being a knitter like Sasha Kagan and Elsebeth Lavold! But I totally enjoy knitting away at whatever strikes me!
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