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They're getting rid of all the Lion here, which means I stocked up on Lion Wool since that is what I use for socks and hats. It will bug me later when I'm finally out and can't run out locally to get more, or when I need to fix a hole in a pair of socks.

The Caron bugs me a little because I was just getting into using it I did grab a couple extra for a sweater I've started.
I didn't notice Peaches and Cream being marked down. If it is I'll have to stock up on that too.

The Bernat is also going here and that one does bug me since that was one I used to crochet soft acrylics. I don't have anything in mind and the skeins are so small that I doubt if they would have enough to make something out of.

I don't trust them to keep any yarn so I'm going to have to buy the rest of what I need to finish a Red Heart afghan I started before I got sidetracked knitting.
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