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" KA SWITCH" Interchangeable Needle Set
OK...up til today...I knew about 4 Interchangeable Needle Set:

1) Denise
2) Boye Needlemaster
3) KnitPicks OPTIONS (nickel and wood)
4) Addi CLICKS (newly released)

Now, I reading in the ADDI group over at Ravelry...and someone posted in one of the threads that she prefers her KA Interchangeables! Huh? She prefers them because they are nicely priced, and the needle swivels like Crystal Palace bamboo circs do.

So I did some googling...and found them!
You might be interested in reading about them.
They are about $99 for the full set (10 needles sizes 5-15), 8 cords and case.
KA Classic Bamboo Exhangeable/Interchangeable Needle Set

The website indicates that sizes 5-15 are included, with options for lengths anywhere from 16"-53". You achieve different cable lengths by connecting some cables together, like Denise's do. I'd be interested in a fuller description of how things work.

Does anyone know more about these KA interchangeables?

UPDATE: Here is a link VINTAGE KNITS that contains much more information about this bamboo set (above)...and they call them "KA Switch" made by a Japanese company called Kinki Amibari.

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