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Um Yeah My list is way long
Lets see I have decided to knit or crochet everyone's christmas presents this year so I have no time for halloweeny type things.
This is just the start of the list
Hat and socks for sis in law- all I have to do is weave in all my ends
Matching hats for neices, not even on the needles yet
Green hat for brother No 1~ actually finished with ends tucked in
Purple Hat for mum and slippers- hat done, still looking for a pattern I like for the slippers
Dishcloths for dad- alaska one and moose one done tails to be tucked
Knitted wall hanging for sis-in-laws parents- On the needles, will have to post a pic when it is done.
Slippers for stepdad- need good pattern, looking for recommendations!
Purple and gold socks for brother no2
Hat for sis in law no two
Looking at patterns for those two projects also.
Gee I think thats it. Oh cept for the sweater for my daughter.
hats for brother and sis-i-l

Two Pair of mittens, scarf for ds, sock for stepmum

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