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Originally Posted by Mulderknitter View Post
That is very interesting, but at $100, if you already have the KP options, adding the harmony tips and a few more cables seems more economical. I do like the idea of joining the cables together though.
What do you mean by the needle swivels? Do you mean it locks into the cable and turns as you knit?
Yes, the needle swivels as you knit. I have two types of wooden circs that swivel. (Lantern Moon and Crystal Palace) The metal collar that joints to the needle doesn't swivel...but where the metal collar joins to the cable does swivel. It is really cool. It helps prevent wrist stress.

In other words...grip the cable tightly with your left hand to keep it stationary. Grasp the needle tip with your right hand, and you can swirl it around and around. It literally swirls or swivels, but the cable is stationary.

That little bit of swivel as you knit is really a nice concept and like I said, it helps you as you knit. Not so much that it is distracting...but it really helps your right hand work the stitches.
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