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Yes, I agree. They seem to be too much money for a product that doesn't have a reputation of excellence to warrant the expense.

Who in the world wants to be the guinea pig at $99 a pop?

Plantgoddess, I didn't see your post. Sorry!

I love my Harmonys, too.

I have OPTIONS nickel and the Harmonys. Use one for some things, the other for other things. Then Addi for splitty yarns!

Thanks for your input.

Does anyone here at KH have any experience, pro or con, regarding the performance of KA Switch interchangeable needles?

We all like to be informed about interchangeables. I did read one glowing report about them somewhere over at Ravelry in the Addi group of all places!

She was also comparing the better price of KA Switch interchangeables ($99 or less) as opposed to the price of the new ADDI Click interchangeables ($149 and up). She was very happy with the performance of her KA Switch set.

I wonder if she's ever heard of, or tried, KP Harmonys?
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