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Yay! I made all the little treats for the pets!

All three of you have cats, so I've made a catnip toy for each of them!

This morning, I got out the patterns I had found online, and gathered together everything I would need to make them: fiberfill, catnip, bits of yarns, some jingle bells, and knitting needles. (I went out to Walmart last night to get the catnip.)

After getting everything together, I went to the kitchen to make 2 cups of hot tea to get me through my knitting session.

Before long, my first catnip toy was ready to be stuffed!

I put in a jingle bell, then some fiberfill, then some catnip, then more fiberfill, then I stitched it closed. Easy-peasy!

But, I wasn't thrilled with the look of the garter stitch, and didn't really enjoy knitting it with two needles. So I made the next one in the round with dpns. MUCH better!

Here's my third toy, which looks even better than the second!

After making 4 of those little toys, I decided to try a different pattern, but I changed it a LOT, and didn't like the way it turned out. It took up a lot more yarn, a lot more time, and a lot more seaming and stuffing and catnip. So I only made one of that design.

Before the day was through, I had completed ELEVEN catnip toys!

These will be going to Mulderknitter, jdee, and Spikey, to give to their kitties:
Abby, Annie, Merlin, Morty, Mabel, Max, Mulder, Itchy, Mikey, Spikey, and Luke
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