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First Time Chart reading
Hello. This is my first time reading a chart, and I just needed to ask a quick question.

First of all, I'm looking at this chart.

I think I've got the general idea, I'm just a bit confused on the instructions.

For one color, the instructions read "k1 MC, p1 CC" and then for the next color, it says "k1 CC, p1 MC"

Do I do the instructions in that order, or do I do it based on the color?
For instance, I have my CC on my needle as the first stitch, but the instructions say to k1 MC. So, do I knit my main color then, or do I wait for the next main-colored stitch on my needle?

I'm sorry this is a bit confusing. If you have questions on what I'm trying to say, I'll try to draw something on paint.
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