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Legal disclaimer - I've only been knitting a little bit, however, I read a lot and take ideas and put them together.

A. To minimize ladders it is not the first stitch after the move from one needle to another, it is the second and third. The first stitch after going from one needle to another 1) doesn't have enough tension to prevent ladders 2) the needle with that first stitch has to much movement to make a tight stitch.

Knit the first stitch, begin knitting the second stitch and as you start to pull the new stitch through the loop pull on the yarn until you see the first stitch pull tight. Do this with the third stitch, on the fourth stitch begin knitting normally.

B. If you pattern will allow - rotate the point where you pass from one needle to another every so many rounds. For example. assuming the use of 4 DPs. Needle 1 has stitches 1 to 10, needle 2 has stitches 11 to 20 and needle 3 has stitches 21 to 30.
For the first four rounds knit the stitches on the needle as above. On round 5 knit stitches 1 to 10, when you come to stitches 11 and 12 knit them on to needle 1. Then move to needle 2 and knit stitches 13 to 20 and then knit stitches 21 and 22 on to needle 2. Move to needle 3 and knit stitches 23 to 30 and then knit stitches 1 and 2 onto needle 3.

Depending on your pattern you may want to put markers Between stitches 10 and 11, 20 and 21, and 30 and 1.

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