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Copy and paste this into an email and email me ( the entire questionnaire with all answers filled in! Title it SWAP QUESTIONNAIRE To make it easier for me, I will be assigning you a number as I receive your questionnaire. This will be how I track your emails from then on and you will need to include it in the subject line of all your emails to me please!

There is a limit of 50 people to this swap(including us since we want to play too).

1. KnitPrincess
3. Catz
4. Lieke
5. Samsam
6. KnitPurlGurl
7. gargoylelib
8. Cognizantamiga
9. oneyarn
10. jess_hawk
11. Songbirdy
12. lucky_alf2

Price categories are in USD -------------------------------------------------
1. Your name (KH Screen name, Ravelry Name, first name, last name):

2. Your mailing address:

3. Your primary e-mail address:

4. If there are any problems with your questionnaire how would you like us to contact you? (Primary email, KnittingHelp PM, Ravelry PM)

5. Price category $15, $20, $25, $30

6. Is your home smoke &/o pet-free?
(all yarn being given should be kept odorless and kept away for any kind of pets for allergy reasons)

7. Do you have any allergies to pets &/o smoke?

8. Are you allergic or adverse to any types of yarns?

9. Fiber preference(make sure to keep within your price range)?

10. What are your favorite colors?

11. Do you prefer solid or variegated yarn?or do you prefer your partner to surprise you =)

11. Please list at least five possible patterns you would like to receive for your surprise kit!
(a direct link or name is best, and please, if you list a 'paid' pattern, try to include a free on as well!)

12. What knitting tools or notion(stitch markers, stitch holders, or a certain pair of knitting needles) Approx. $5 in value) that you would like to receive in your kit (please keep in mind the patterns you have chosen)?

13. Would you be willing to be an "Angel" (Back Up Secret Swapper) for someone who is unable to send to their assigned Pal? It would be much appreciated=) (you would then have 2 people to give to please keep this in mind)

14. Would you be willing to ship internationally?
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