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Originally Posted by Jackie Lim View Post
While knitting in round, i join new and old yarn together by tying a knot and then knit with the new yarn - i really dont like it as there is always a bump/knot there and that stitch seems to be smaller/tighter than the rest. Is a sore-eye to me!!

Would love to hear and learn new trick to this, thanks.
Hi, Jackie!

One way to deal with this "knotty" problem is to knit almost to the end of the old yarn, leaving a tail of about 5 or 6 inches. Tie the new yarn, in a knot, around the strand of the old yarn and also leave a 5 or 6 inch tail on this. Slide the new yarn all the way up the old yarn strand so that you can pick up the next stitch with it. Continue knitting. When you're finished, pick the little knot apart and then weave in both tails as you normally would.

In the KH forum, there are some super great videos on different ways to join new yarn. Check them out and see if you can find your favorite!

Happy knitting,

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