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Originally Posted by Debbie View Post
Stitch Markers, Stitch Markers, Stitch Markers .... I use them for even the smallest repeat or to remind me to knit the two or three stitches at the edge of a dish cloth. Even if a pattern only has 4 or five stitches in it, I know immediately if I have made a mistake.
My favorite stitch markers are jump rings. I get them in the jewelry making area of the craft store. They come in all sizes, they are inexpensive (so you don't feel like you have to search for a lost one) and you get a whole bunch of them.
Also, I use the larger ones to count rows
I keep a section of the round with the number of rows between increases/decreases, each round when i get to the first marker, i knit to the moving one, when I get to it, i ignore it and knit the stitch behind it and pick it up again with that stitch (it moved over one space) when it gets to the end, it is time to do the increases. I hope some of your brains around this, its hard, but I know U R a lot smarter than I am.

Also, i make my own, using metal needles as a size guide. Then I have plenty. I only use the plastic ones for counting.
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