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I do the exact same thing! In fact ,I used a Christmas gift certificate from a kitchen store to get my scale last year. Maybe one day I'll use it for food, but so far it's a yarn scale!

Originally Posted by diny0 View Post
I have found a digital kitchen scale to be a nifty help with knitting. I first used it to split skeins of sock yarn equally so I could knit 2 socks at a time. I set the scale to grams and then put a bowl on the scale and zero it. I weigh the whole skein of yarn and figure out what weight I need for a single ball. I hand wind my balls so I just put the ball in the bowl very once in a while until I have the weight I need. I cut the yarn and then wind the second ball.

My other use for the scale was figuring out if I had enough yarn to finish a shawl. I needed to do eight rows and knew I could do at least 4 with the yarn I had left. After the second row I weighed the yarn I had left. I knit one row and weighed the yarn again. I figured I had enough yarn to do the next six rows. I was still increasing so I measured the weight of the yarn after each row I knit. I finished the shawl with about eight inches of yarn to spare.
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